Saturday, June 16, 2012

Phone Dump

My phone was getting crowded with pics and video, so I transferred them all to the computer and deleted most of them from my phone.  I was going to dump them on Facebook, but figured this way would be cleaner for all of your news feeds.


We took the kids outside to play in the sprinkler, but Hannah was too scared to actually get wet.  When we came back inside, she didn't want to waste being in her swimsuit, so she insisted on having a bath in it.

Last month, we went outside to play catch.  The boys aren't very experienced at this, but they're still young.  This video was Alex's turn (we only have one child-sized glove).  I'm using the glove that's older than I am that I've been using since I was a kid in Nova Scotia, and Rob and Dad used it before me.  My favourite part of the video is when Hannah pushes the slide across the background.

Hannah was being really cute, so I pulled out my phone to record her.  She noticed my phone and immediately stopped doing whatever it was she had been doing and tried to look at the screen.  It turned out to be pretty cute, too.

This video is from this morning.  After upsetting the top team in his Under 6 soccer league on Tuesday, Kenny and his team played the second game of their tournament this morning.  They played a good game, but ultimately lost by a score of 2-1.  He had a lot of fun, though, and that's what matters most.  He wears number 29 if you're looking for him in the video.


Hannah in October 2011.  She climbed in the tub on her own, so I took a picture.

Hannah and her cousin Matthew.  I believe this is at the Laqua's Thanksgiving dinner.
This is Alex and Hannah while we were decorating our Christmas tree.  It's a blurry picture, but I like it.
This is my mustache at the end of Movember.

Lucy Laqua, Jane Laqua, Kenny, and Alex.  This was at Grampa's birthday party.
And this is Avril at that same party.
Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a family.

Alex and Jackson, Great-Grandma's dog.

Kenny's kindergarten class putting on a presentation.  He's the second kid from the right.
Avril, whose hair had been long for quite some time, got her hair cut after work one day, and I made her drop by the motel to show me before she went home.


Pat MacKenzie said...

Lovely haircut Avril. Fun videos - I wish we had some of our kids when they were little. Thanks for the little glimpse into your life.

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