Monday, March 28, 2011

Alex's Third

The second birthday in our Spring Birthday Blitz is behind us.  Last Thursday, Alex turned three years old.  That's a Bob-omb cake, for those of you who don't know all of your Mario villians.  The figurines on the table were a gift to Alex from Kenny.
I had to work that day, so we celebrated his birthday at lunch instead of at supper.  We hadn't dressed the kids yet, so they're still in their pajamas for most of these pictures.  We had chicken nuggets and french fries, which is one of Alex's favourite meals.  After lunch, Alex opened his presents.  Aside from the Mario Bros. figurines, he got the movie "Mega Mind":
A set of Nerf guns, which we all put to good use:
A set of Playdoh:
And, later in the day when Auntie Afton came over, a Robert Munsch book:
After opening the presents (except for the one from Afton), we ate some cake just before I went to work.  Alex refused to try to blow the candles out, so he got some help from Kenny.
Next up is Hannah's first birthday.  It's actually today, but we won't celebrate until Avril gets home from work, so I don't have any pictures.  Stay tuned, though!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MiKenzie Birthday Madness

MiKenzie Birthday Madness offically launched off on Sunday. We openned with Mike's 33rd birthday.

The Government randomly gave us money in January and we saved it so that we could buy Birthday Presents. Mike got to pick his own presents this year. A nice shiny new pair of running shoes and a video game (Just Cause 2). Just look at the happy birthday boy...

...oh wait he's not really smiling in that picture is he. Here's a smiling one, but that's not a boy, hmmmm.
Hannah enjoyed the cake.

Events continue tomorrow with Alex's 3rd birthday and then we'll see if we still want cake by Monday when Hannah turns 1. Hopefully the breather between March 28th and April 9th is enough for yet another cake for my birthday.

Stay tuned for more chocolatey goodness.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bassinet Baby

The kids have started all playing 'together' in a specific room. The other day they were playing in Hannah's room. Kenny came out to tell me that the Hannah was in the bottom of her baby bed. I took this to mean she had crawled under her crib again. It's a favorite game for all of them. 10 minutes later when I finally went to investigate this is what I found...

That is certainly not her crib she's under. I'm not quite sure how she got in, but they all loved it. Kenny wanted a turn after I pulled her out, but was forbidden the opportunity. 20 lbs the cloth basket can handle, 40 I don't think so.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adventures in 2011

Been a fun year so far. There is aways someone sick in our house. In January Alex took it to the next level by bringing Pink Eye home from church.

The doctor we saw was kind enough to prerscrib oral meds for this. He past it on to Kenny within two days and Kenny was not so lucky. Eye drops and 4-year-olds are not fun. Even less fun was when Alex's meds ran out and we gave him eye drops too.

Miraculously, Hannah, Mike and I didn't get it....Until one month later. Hannah was by far the easiest child to medicate.

In happyer news. Kenny has been learing to write all his letters and we registered him in Kindergarden last week. He's very excited for September to come.

Hannah is on her way to walking. She moves along the furniture and pushed odjects around for support as she practices.

We're gearing up for Birthday Madness at the end of the month as all but Kenny will be celebrating. There is going to be a lot of cake around here.