Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Victoria Day Long Weekend

After church on Sunday, Avril, the boys, Hannah, and I loaded into the car and drove to Avril's parents' cabin up at Lee Lake out near Crow's Nest Pass.  Avril's parents and Afton were already there.  The first thing Kenny wanted to do as soon as we got there was go fishing with Grampa, so he dragged Grampa out to the dock, Alex tagging along, and went fishing.
The boys' rods didn't have any hooks on the lines, but they had a lot of fun putting their lines in the water and reeling them in.  Kenny actually got pretty good at casting.
Whenever Don got a fish on his line, he'd have Kenny reel it in.  They caught three that first evening.

The next morning, Kenny and Alex were back out at the dock with Don doing some more fishing.  I was watching from the back porch of the cabin.  When they caught a fish, they called up to me and said they needed a bucket, so I took it down to them.  Right after I got there, I turned to around just in time to see Alex fall head-first off the dock and into the chilly water.  It was only about two or three feet deep of water, but that's more than enough to drown a two-year-old, so I dropped quickly to my knees, grabbed his hood and yanked him out of the water.  He was gasping and screaming, but he was fine.  As I carried him dripping wet back to the house, he stopped crying and said, "Okay.  Okay."  I took him inside and stripped him down in front of the wood stove.  While I changed my own soggy clothes, Avril dried him off, wrapped him in a blanket, and sat with him in front of the fire.  I noticed later that I had bent one of my fingernails back when I pulled him out of the water, but otherwise, everybody was fine.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  We just enjoyed one another's company, playing board games, reading, and relaxing.  We came home yesterday evening.  Alex has a cold now.  Whether it's because of his dip in the lake or if he would have gotten sick regardless is a mystery.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Photos of May. Possibly April, Too.

I don't really have much to say, but I'd figured you'd like to see some photos that we've have taken in the past month or so.
Kenny, Hannah, and Naomi.

Hannah in her Snugli.  Also, Alex with Avril's shoes.

Me with Hannah and Alex.

Kenny and Alex wrestling.

Alex, Hannah, and Kenny.


Happy Hannah.

Avril emerges from beneath the pink blanket.

And that's all for now.  Just a reminder that, although she's not the youngest grandchild anymore, she's still around and still really cute.  Welcome to the family, Tate!  Can't wait to meet you!