Friday, August 27, 2010

A Day at the Fair

Over the weekend we had Jamboree Days and were able to have fun in our "home town". One day after the festivities ended here they struck up in nearby Lethbridge. We skipped out on the Parade and aren't planning to attend the fireworks as we have already just done that. What we did do was spend a day at the fair.

Mike with cool dude Alex

We spent three hours in the blistering hot sun escorting our children from ride to ride. This was Kenny's second year at Whoop-Up Days so he was a pro. He just wasn't big enough to go on all the rides he wanted to. Next year he can be more adventurous.

This was essentially Alex's first year. Last year he went on the Merry-Go-Round and spent the whole time trying to squirm off of Grampa's lap. The year we gave it a try again.

He spent the first three rounds screaming for me to come and get him off. When mike finally got him to calm down he enjoyed the ride.

His enjoyment was hit and miss. One ride had to be stopped for him to get off and one was spent on Mommy's lap. He had a fun day.

Hannah had a horrible day. This is how I found out that she had woken up from her nap.

She was good for the first hour after this and then screamed if we move the stroller with her in it. She fell asleep on the walk to the car after the fun was over. At least she didn't scream all the way home.

I suffered from a bit of heat exhaustion but everyone else did fine on this hot outing. The kids had fun, so did we, and we came home with some delicious fudge. Mmmm.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jamboree Days

This weekend was the Picture Butte's annual Jamboree Days. This year was the 50th anniversary of the Town of Picture Butte. Mike was busy all weekend so he missed out on the fun. It also meant that I was doing this by myself.

The festivities kicked off with a tractor pull and a dance, neither of which we attended. What we did attend on Day 1 was the fireworks. The fireworks were scheduled to start at 10:00 p.m. The boys' bed time is 8:30. To prepare to keep the kids up I planned a late supper followed an hour or so later by cookies. It worked pretty well. Kenny, who remembered what fireworks are, was excited.

I was a little worried about how my 5 month old baby was going to handle this, so I called for help. I was lucky enough to catch my sister as she left work at 9:00 to come and join us. Giving her just enough time to drive out and have a snack while I got the kids ready.

The fireworks are only a couple blocks from the house so we decided to watch from the front lawn. Shortly before 10:00 we headed out to set up and wait for the show to start.

Kenny and Auntie

A very sleepy Alex

When the fireworks started we couldn't see too well due to our neighbour's trees so we moved a few yards to Afton's car. Where we could see most of it. What we couldn't see was mostly behind a weeping willow so the effect was that of a "burning bush".

It was a great display. As it was the 50th anniversary, they put extra money into it. Both of the boys loved it. Hannah was completely indifferent. She was looking at the car and the grass as often as she was looking at the pretty lights. I am glad I didn't take her closer though. It was loud enough as it was.

The kids were up past 11:00 that night but it didn't stop them from waking up before 7:00 the next morning.

Saturday was a cold and rainy day. We bundled up warm and walked the three blocks to the parade even though I couldn't find the umbrella. We got there early and it was cold so we walked up and down the block a couple of times before we picked a spot to sit. We found a nice tree to sit under.

Alex and Kenny

Hannah and Kenny

Tuned out that we had chosen a spot right at the end on the parade, but only half a block away from the beginning. As the boys couldn't wait we walked to the end of the block to watch and collect candy.

There was a lot more competition at this parade that there was at their last so they didn't end up with as much candy. Kenny did however slow the parade down to retrieve a candy from the middle of the road. There was a bit of a gap and Ken decided to go for it. Luckily the float was far enough away to see him and stop while he ran back to me.

Once the parade had passed we worked our way back down the block so we would not get caught by it on it's way back. We could have waited like some others for a second go, but why bother.

There were some childrens' activities schedule on the other side of town, but I decided that it was too far a walk on a wet day so we went home to enjoy our loot.

So ended our participation in Jamboree Days. The boys had fun, and we were kept just busy enough to not drive each other crazy while Daddy was away.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Every couple of years the health professionals come out with new (or just different) rules about raising your children.  With my most recent child the new rule that was stressed to us was not letting your child sleep in there carrier car seat.

One rule that has stayed the same for all of my children but I have never adhered to is that they are to have no 'solid' food until they are six months old.  This rule comes with the proviso that you watch for the signs that your child is ready to eat.  I don't think any child would make it to six months under those circumstances. As such Kenny ate at two months, Alex at five months, and Hannah at four months.

About two weeks ago I started feeding Hannah.  Every time we ate she wanted some too, so I got her some food.  Of course she didn't know what to do with it the first couple of times I feed her so she decided to do her favorite thing... blow raspberries.

This is a new experience for me.  The boys were both very tidy eaters.  They still are.  Sure they would spit out some food but it would stay on their chin or at worst their bib.  Hannah sends food flying half way across the room.  I wash the floor after washing here face.  Thankfully she has now decided to eat most of the food, but that doesn't stop her from spraying the kitchen with at least one pea filled raspberry when she decides that she is finished with her meal.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Since Mike is exploring other creative outlets, he has abandoned the Company blog.  As the apparent CEO of the Company, I (Avril) will attempt to fill some of the gaps here.

About three weeks ago we were 'camping' at my parents cabin.  We were arrogant enough to eat fruit on the back deck, despite the two wasps nests.  Promptly one of the critters came for Kenny's banana.  Naturally, Kenny freaked out and shook his hand, causing the wasp to react and sting him.  Much screaming ensued.  The whole family made for the house and my father destroyed the wasps nests.  Kenny refused to come outside again and instead watched a movie with a cold compress on his hand.  He recovered in a couple of hours with no harm done.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping.  While we were unloading the car the boys went to the back yard to play.  They were having so much fun that we left them out there once we were done. 

Mike and I were just settling down and going to pick a movie when Kenny and Alex started screaming.  The boys worked their way to the house while Mike worked his way up the stairs.  Kenny had been stung again, this time on his eyelid.  Alex was extremely distressed at Kenny's state of panic.

So our relaxing afternoon disappeared.  Kenny curled up on Daddy's lap to watch a movie while I made up a cold compress.  Recovery this time is going much slower.  It wasn't 'till this morning that Ken stopped complaining of pain and would let us touch his forehead and nose.  He also has the most beautiful shiner.

The swelling had stared to go down by the time we took this picture.  Poor kid.