Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kenny's Birthday

 We didn't get much for pictures on my birthday, too many people as we had gotten together for Easter at the same time, so I'm skipping on to Kenny's.

We let Kenny invite friends over this year.  We had 10 kids (including ours) whiche made for a busy 3 hours.  We had home made pizza and then let them burn off some energy.

After some crazyness in the basement and back yard we broke out the cake.

 Luigi at Kenny's request.

 Then we openned his presents.

It was a litte crowded as everyone wanted in close so they could see and sometimes touch.

 After opening this present Kenny said in a very low and flat voice "I always wanted one of these."  To me it sounded sarcastic.  It wasn't.

After opening presents Kenny started building some with his friends and a movie was put on. The kids played with and fought over the new toys until it was time to go home.

All in all a good party.

The boys worked with daddy to build the rest of the birthday gifts after the kids had left.

Phone Dump

My phone was getting crowded with pics and video, so I transferred them all to the computer and deleted most of them from my phone.  I was going to dump them on Facebook, but figured this way would be cleaner for all of your news feeds.


We took the kids outside to play in the sprinkler, but Hannah was too scared to actually get wet.  When we came back inside, she didn't want to waste being in her swimsuit, so she insisted on having a bath in it.

Last month, we went outside to play catch.  The boys aren't very experienced at this, but they're still young.  This video was Alex's turn (we only have one child-sized glove).  I'm using the glove that's older than I am that I've been using since I was a kid in Nova Scotia, and Rob and Dad used it before me.  My favourite part of the video is when Hannah pushes the slide across the background.

Hannah was being really cute, so I pulled out my phone to record her.  She noticed my phone and immediately stopped doing whatever it was she had been doing and tried to look at the screen.  It turned out to be pretty cute, too.

This video is from this morning.  After upsetting the top team in his Under 6 soccer league on Tuesday, Kenny and his team played the second game of their tournament this morning.  They played a good game, but ultimately lost by a score of 2-1.  He had a lot of fun, though, and that's what matters most.  He wears number 29 if you're looking for him in the video.


Hannah in October 2011.  She climbed in the tub on her own, so I took a picture.

Hannah and her cousin Matthew.  I believe this is at the Laqua's Thanksgiving dinner.
This is Alex and Hannah while we were decorating our Christmas tree.  It's a blurry picture, but I like it.
This is my mustache at the end of Movember.

Lucy Laqua, Jane Laqua, Kenny, and Alex.  This was at Grampa's birthday party.
And this is Avril at that same party.
Watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a family.

Alex and Jackson, Great-Grandma's dog.

Kenny's kindergarten class putting on a presentation.  He's the second kid from the right.
Avril, whose hair had been long for quite some time, got her hair cut after work one day, and I made her drop by the motel to show me before she went home.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hannah's 2!

The boys had their birthdays and then it was Hannah's turn. Not wanting to wait two days to have her party we took it to Mike's work and had Pizza and Cake in the HoJo lobby.

Hannah as been enamoured with her Hello Kitty stuffy since she got it for Christmas so we put her on the cake. Complete with sugary sweet Skittles.

We couldn't convince her to blow the candles out herself, so I had to help.

As soon as we took the cake away to cut it, she started the blow. Silly girl.

My father build her big birthday present. He built one for me when I was little and it was one of my favorite toys. My kids don't know what to do with a present if it doesn't come wrapped.

Alex helped me wrap this one and was very eager to help Hannah unwrap it.

She got some small accessories for her kitchen as well as some clothing and a Hello Kitty movie (which Alex watches at least twice a day.)

My baby girl is now 2.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Boys

It's nearing the end of March which means we have two birthday boys in the house. Mike had a nice quite party. We were planning on going to visit his family and have a big bash, but we all got sick. We celebrated a few days early, before the colds set in in ernest, with just us.

Mike made his mother's cake. This time we added some chocloate chips to his icing for extra goodness. Mmmmmm.

A few presents from the family.

And a nice hug to end it all off.

Alex had a little bigger afair. Not much cause were still a little sick and I like to keep things small. We opened presents before cake this time. Alex was very excited to get a box from Gramie and Papa.

He was even more excited when daddy opened the box to reveal the gift inside ('cause he was happy with the colourful box and stopped).

Our presents were set up in a treasure hut.

First they set off for Hannah bedroom...

Where Alex got...

Which took us down the the boys' room...

Where Alex got...

So we could go outside...

Which took us to the back yard...

Where the treasure was "hidden".

Once Alex had warmed up, we had some cake.

And Alex reveiled he has 1 love interest. He is pretty tight lipped about it.

After a few sword fights in the front room...

we broke up the party and Mike went to work, leaving us to have a nice quite afternoon at home. If only Hannah would stop hitting the Birthday Boy.