Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hannah's 2!

The boys had their birthdays and then it was Hannah's turn. Not wanting to wait two days to have her party we took it to Mike's work and had Pizza and Cake in the HoJo lobby.

Hannah as been enamoured with her Hello Kitty stuffy since she got it for Christmas so we put her on the cake. Complete with sugary sweet Skittles.

We couldn't convince her to blow the candles out herself, so I had to help.

As soon as we took the cake away to cut it, she started the blow. Silly girl.

My father build her big birthday present. He built one for me when I was little and it was one of my favorite toys. My kids don't know what to do with a present if it doesn't come wrapped.

Alex helped me wrap this one and was very eager to help Hannah unwrap it.

She got some small accessories for her kitchen as well as some clothing and a Hello Kitty movie (which Alex watches at least twice a day.)

My baby girl is now 2.


Michael MacKenzie said...

Two times a day is a conservative estimate.

seashmore said...

That cake was adorable!

Avril said...

Hence the "at least".

Thanks she loved her cake.

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