Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Train and Newspaper

Okay, I'm getting really bad at keeping this blog up to date. Too busy working, renovating, and playing video games. We went on a camping trip last weekend, but I'm waiting for pictures from Afton and Don before blogging about that. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I have two things to blog about.
I don't know why it took us so long to do this, but we finally took Kenny to see the steam engine on display at the health unit (the one that used to be a train station) in Lethbridge next to Chapters. He loved seeing a real steam engine up close. He has seen trains up close before, but they were ugly CN diesel engines.

Alex just loved running around outside and splashing in the puddles left from the rain earlier in the day.
A few weeks ago, I was featured in the Sunny South News (based out of Coaldale and circulating to most of Lethbridge County). The reporter who interviewed me is in my ward, and we found out as we spoke that I went to the same singles ward as her younger brother. The article didn't scan very well, so I'll just quote it here:

"The Town of Picture Butte is reaping the benefits from an internship program developed by Alberta's Municipal Affairs.

"Mike MacKenzie was studying business administration at Lethbridge College when he heard about the internship that allows students to work with municipalities and encourages them to consider careers in local government adminstration.

"It was during his final semester that municipal affairs came to the college for a career fair and he learned about the municipal internship program.

"'It's a great program.'

"He feels it can help students get their foot in the door with municipal governments. He had completed his local government administration training and year long internship working out of Trochu and Three Hills when he applied for the Assistant Administrator's position in Picture Butte.

"'I enjoy the small town feel.'

"He said his end goal was always to get involved in government and he saw business administration at the college as the first step.

"MacKenzie was born in BC but moved around a lot as a kid living in four different provinces, and managing to visit all but one, Newfoundland.

"'I've been all over the country.'

"Having lived in the Lethbridge area a few times over the years he decided he wanted to get back to Southern Alberta and Picture Butte afford him that opportunity. Now having relocated his family to the community he said he's found the town be nice and the people friendly.

"His wife, Avril grew up in Foremost so she also has a small town background. They have a couple of boys, the oldest Kenny is turning three and the youngest is 14-month-old Alex. Their family has already lived in six places so they feel now is a good time to set down some roots.

"'We actually bought a house which is good incentive to stay put.'

"Outside of his normal work week MacKenzie likes to write. If he can find the time he would like to become a published author of science fiction. He also likes to play the guitar and sing having performed with the Raymond Show Choir and the MT Vibes featuring 12 male voices.

"Music is something he shares with his wife who is classically trained."

The reporter also turned out to be related to Carol Dahl, so that's why the MT Vibes are mentioned. It's a pretty good article (more impressive than the two lines I got in the Three Hills Capital), even if my direct quotes weren't incorporated very smoothly and seemed to come out of nowhere. There's also a picture of me looking fat and smug, but like I said, the article didn't scan well, so you'll just have to imagine it.