Saturday, September 25, 2010


Anyone remember a couple of months ago when this happened?

This week we finally got our new floor. Rough as the boys are we decided to go with carpet because they will do it less damage than they will a laminate floor. It will also do our possessions a little less damage as Alex (and at times Kenny) has a habit of dropping things for no reason but to hear the thud.

Wednesday night we cleaned up the basement and Thursday morning we moved all the furniture into the office and the laundry room. The kids really enjoyed the empty rooms and the echo.

By the end of Thursday they hadn't quite finished the job leaving it looking like this. They couldn't come back until today so we packed the kids up and headed to my parent's house so that it wasn't a constant battle keeping the boys out of the basement. Never mind the fact the their bedroom was the least finished area.

This morning we rushed home so that they could finished the job. There is still a little work do be done at the entrance to the office, but they can't do that the it's empty.

We decided to take this opportunity to rearrange the furniture and get rid of some excess pieces we had. My mother and sister have some excess pieces of their own that I'll be taking off their hands in the next week so my house can be nice and comfortable again. Thanks gals.

So here is our new basement.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Walk to the Park

It is a little late to be setting this goal this year but here we go. I'm going to try to take the kids to the park twice a week. Hannah's gotten big enough that I don't feel so bad bringing her along and exposing her to the elements.

Here is trip number one. It's a three block walk to the nearest school play ground.

Alex and Kenny running ahead

Hannah eventually fell asleep in her stroller so that Mike and I could play with the boys. They had a fun time.

As the sun began to set we decided it was time to head for home.

The boys stopped to wrestle in the grass on the way.

Hannah was happy to get home and be free. Even if free is wrapping yourself up in a blanket so that you can't move.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Evil Alternate Universe Alex

With lunch today we had dessert. Rich chocolate ice cream cones. It ended up looking something like this...




Moments later Alex looked at the fly walking among the crumbs on the table grabbed his milk and said "Mine!". Mike dubbed him "Evil Alternate Universe Alex" because of his beautiful goatee and his maniacal little smile.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Memory Lane

A few days ago we were looking for a free activity to take the kids on. So we decided to drive into Lethbridge to go to a park. We drove by a couple parks that were way too busy. Trying to think up a different destination we found ourselves in the neighbourhood we lived in when Kenny was born. We remembered that right across the street from the little four-plex we lived in was a beautiful green strip. So we altered course and headed for Redwood Park.

We had a light picnic snack and then the boys went exploring with Daddy while Mommy sat with the baby. What did they find???


It made for a nice little break fome being home. It was also a nice walk down memory lane.