Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, I've been meaning to post pictures of the renovations we've done so far since before Kenny's birthday, so I figure I better do it before you guys stop checking my blog and just assume that I've abandoned it.
What we've done so far:
-painted everything upstairs and a room-and-a-half downstairs
-laminate throughout the main floor
-linoleum on the stairs and in the main floor bathroom

What's left to do:
-new windows
-reshingle half the roof
-finish painting downstairs

For the before pictures, follow this link.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kenny's Birthday

It was Kenny's third birthday yesterday. We had a small party for him at home with his grandparents and a couple of cousins. He has been looking forward to his birthday ever since Alex's birthday back in March, so it was nice to finally be able to celebrate it. He requested pizza for supper, so that's what we fed him.
Avril decided to get creative with his cake. He's a big Thomas and Friends fan, so she made him a Thomas cake. It turned out very nice. It also reminded me of my own third birthday. Mum made me a train cake, too.
He got some pretty cool presents. Grammie and Papa gave him a basketball net that attaches to his door. Jane and Lucy gave him a squirt gun. Auntie Afton gave him a train (Emily) and a the movie Wall-E. The present from Gramma and Grampa was in Lethbridge, so he'll be getting it later.
He had a lot of fun playing with Jane and Lucy. There was a lot of running and screaming. Even Alex joined in, even though he can't go as fast as the older kids.