Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spiders and Other Hallowe'en Fun

The week before Hallowe'en we borrowed some spider decorations from my mother (picture below). All week the boys would grab it and wrestle with the "Big Spider Boss".

On Hallowe'en night after we had gone out and got sugared up we were winding down with a movie. Before we started I sent Kenny to the bathroom. As he started to wash his hands he started screaming. My initial thought was that the water was too warm (he will only wash his hands in cold water) so I went the the bathroom to rescue him as he continued to scream.

Turns out a small spider had crawled out of the drain and Kenny was cowering beside the bathtub. I guess wrestling with a fake spider that is the same size as you just isn't the same as facing down the real thing even if it is smaller than your thumbnail.

On a lighter note here as some pictures of our Hallowe'en fun for those of you who didn't see it on Facebook.

We carved up some pumpkins on Friday night. They later became delicious pumpkin pie.

The kids dressed in theme this year. Above we have Luigi (Kenny) holding Princess Peach (Hannah) and below we have Mario (Alex) who is very proud of his gloves.

Our Ward had a Trunk or Treat on Saturday night but we still managed to get half way around the block on Sunday.

Monday morning Hannah stole Daddy's sucker and had a taste for herself. She wasn't too happy about us taking the sucker away though.