Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kenny's Birthday?

Yes it's been two months. Time to play catch up.

Kenny's birthday was June 2. It was a Thursday so to accommodate work schedules we had an early lunch party. Nothing spectacular or extra special just some friends and family. Gramma and Grampa made their special pizza dough at Kenny's request.

We followed pizza with presents. Here Kenny is opening the one Alex picked for him. A couple of laser guns that Alex loves a much as Kenny does.

And here he is after opening the one from Mom and Dad. Does he look excited to you?

For his cake this year I made some rich chocolate brownies to go in home made chocolate bowls. The brownies were a little heavy for the bowls but so delicious.

Hannah had just a little too much "fun" with her cake.

Then it was time to play with the new toys. Here's Kenny with his cousin/best friend Isaac playing with his new guns.

Kenny with cousins Lucy and Matea experimenting with his new game.

Kenny also got several learning activity book so when the party was over we cracked those open. He does so good and has almost complete them all. Good thing this one is reusable. If you expand the picture you can actually read what he's written.

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